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Laboratory of Polymer Technology

Our main objective is to prepare and process new tailored synthetic biodegradable polyester-based homo- and copolymers for various applications in health care. The polymers are primarily intended for utilization either as temporary scaffolds or as carriers for bioactive molecules and bioactive inorganic materials. The work has recently focused on the preparation of bioceramic-polymer composites and macroporous tissue engineering scaffolds.

Favourable polymers for regenerative medicine have to facilitate cell adhesion, promote cell ingrowth, proliferation and possess particular physical, chemical, mechanical and degrative properties. These requirements are within reach by synthesizing well-designed starting monomers resulting in polymers with tailored bulk and surface properties for specific end-applications.
Furthermore, by combining biodegradable polymers with various bioactive ceramics we can achieve superior scaffold materials with highly adjustable mechanical-, physiochemical- and bioactive properties. The porosity of the matrix material (pore size, pore density, pore connectivity) is of crucial importance for a successful outcome in tissue engineering. Consequently, the ability to produce malleable materials having well-designed porous structures is essential and is of high priority in our research.

Degradable polymers have also become increasingly important as substitutes for traditional petroleum-based polymers in many industrial products like compostable plastics for packing applications and household items. At present we have ongoing research on starch-based composites reinforced with cellulose fibre and, modification of aliphatic polyesters for extrusion coating of paper. Thus, we consider our polymer modifications to serve as valuable sustainable and environmental-friendly alternatives to fossil-based commodity plastics.


Contact information:

Ph.D. Ari Rosling Assistant Professor
Laboratory of Polymer Technology
Faculty of Technology
Åbo Akademi University
Biskopsgatan 8
FIN-20500 Åbo
Phone: +358-2-215 4236
Mobile: +358-40-572 6951
Fax: +358-2-215 4866

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